Nue: Color RIng

The Nue: Color Ring uses the same quality of hair as our extensions, featuring all 14 colors in 10" lengths + 1.5" widths so that each shade is most clearly represented. 

Nue Weft

As stylists working with hand tied extensions ourselves for years, we loved the versatility and weightlessness, but always ran into the same issues.  After testing and applying several upgrades, we have solved the biggest issues with hand tied hair.  Introducing an even more versatile construction that lasts.  The Nue Weft has up to 32% more hair per weft than most popular hand tied wefts, an even flatter seam that can be cut (impossible right?!), zero itchy return hair and much fuller ends, while still remaining stackable for optimal color customization!


30% More hair per weft

paired with an even thinner micro-seam than the hand tied weft + an extra two inches of length for customizable cutting. - 18g per 18" weft (20" actual length) - 22g per 22" weft (24" actual length)

NO shedding or swelling

The completely sealed micro-seam leaves zero room for these two problem areas of the past.  Air drying is now possible without ruining your investment + more hair is retained on the seam overtime making the wefts last even longer!

Can be cut on the seam!

You read that right... for full control over customization.  You can now cut them to size with zero risk of unraveling.


Zero return hair
No more bulky, itchy mustache!!  Lays much flatter. Plus, fuller distribution of hair throughout the ends, where more fullness is actually desired.

Even smaller seam than a hand tied weft
The Nue: Weft micro-seam looks identical to a hand tied weft seam (except maybe EVEN smaller), unlike other micro-seamed wefts on the market that have a much thicker, harder to conceal seam.

Zero end-knots
or long strings to worry about concealing, cutting or gluing.

Apply for Access

Stylists, we know how challenging it can be to find an extension company that fits your brand + addresses your needs. In order to best serve our customers as well as keep quality in check, we will only be accepting applicants that fit within the parameters of our brand.  If you think we would be a great fit for each other, apply for an account here! After account approval you will have access to exclusive licensed professional discounted pricing.